We can supply a whole range of Marketing support and advice for your business
  • Starting a new business?
  • Annual Marketing Planning?
  • Quarterly Tune Up
  • Monthly Check Up
  • On-Going Progress Reviews
  • Specific Assignments — what do you need?

With the combined background of Marketing, Advertising, Promotions and Public Relations coupled with Direct Selling, we are uniquely qualified to provide your business with the ideas and strategies needed to move your business forward.

We can help you write a complete Annual Marketing Plan and then provide Quarterly or Monthly check-ups to be sure the plan is working. We also can help you with a specific Marketing or Promotional Assignment from start to finish.


We have worked in a wide range of market categories; everything from Agriculture to Industrial and Consumer Marketing; from New Product Introductions to reviving old ones or promoting services whether in unique or me too categories. We have worked with major corporations right down to one-man businesses that need a shot in the arm to succeed.

What are your Marketing/Advertising needs? And how can we help?

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We can start with an analysis of your business and how it compares with your competition. Helping you strengthen what makes your business unique and minimize what is the same. If you do not have a slogan that describes what you do we will help you create one.

And because we are looking from the outside in as to what you do, we are trained to see what may be missing. We will look at your Media mix to be sure it is right for your business, that you are maximizing your investment and that you have not missed a key ingredient.

Then we will look at your creative approach; does it have the synergistic effect that is possible when you use one creative approach for all your advertising? Finally, we will look at some of the Marketing Secrets that major corporations have learned that can also be applied to your business.

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