Helped Mastermind the start of Applebees Restaurant Chain in Atlanta, Georgia
Helped Mastermind the start of Applebees Restaurant Chain in Atlanta, Georgia
Many businesses have profited from what we have had to offer over the years. These are just a few excerpts:

Stew was a valuable asset in servicing and contributed greatly to the wonderful programs that were developed this year. He has made valuable contributions in terms of merchandising and creative ideas!
— Lawrence Schaffel, VP, Mutch Haberman Joyce, Inc.

Thank you for your priceless support. Your help definitely paid off. Thank you for supporting our ambitions and encouraging us to achieve success. We couldn’t accomplish these feats of success without your help.
— Travis Chambers, Heritage High School, Vancouver, WA

Not only did he help with the formation of a new business, but he was able to envision new directions for the business. Some of these concepts are in operation now, and they have added new interest and dimension to the service.
—Janet Collins, Jan Collins, LTD

We take pleasure in expressing our sincere appreciation for your hospitality. We want to express our sincere gratitude for the interesting and informative explanations based on your vast experience.
— Narihiko Aso, President, Media-Tech Institute

Your presentation on Advertising and Promotions was well received by everyone in attendance. I appreciate your time and it was a pleasure working with you.
— Ken Koller, Eastern States Marketing

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to you in judging the official logo competition. We thank you for playing a role in what will soon become a part of Idaho’s history.
— HF Magnuson, Chairman, Idaho Centennial Commission

The more I learn about communications and advertising, the more I am able to appreciate your special talents. You are nothing but great.
— Beverly Branson, Chairman, Sister Cities of Idaho Falls.

I wanted to express appreciation. It’s great to work with good people.
— Jack Clarke, Operations mgr, Diet Center, Inc.

Since retaining Mr Stewart Kent as a business consultant, our income has doubled. Not only did he provide good ideas, but he also provided an optimistic enthusiasm about our future prospects.
— Carole Devine, President, Cosmic Cycles, Inc.

Our deep appreciation for the time and effort as a director of the board of Junior achievement of Tidewater. Thanks to you we have been able to upgrade and expand the JA program to reach almost twice as many young people with the message of business.
— Dubby Wynne, Junior Achievement of Tidewater, Inc